Welcome to NashvilleDogFence.com. As a dog trainer for many years I want you to offer a SAFE pet containment system for your pet.  As a pet owner, one of your many responsibilities is to ensure the safety of your pet.  You want to make sure that your dog stays in YOUR backyard and does not run at large.  Keeping him confined to the boundaries of your yard eliminates your concerns for his safety, such as being hit by a car or getting lost. 

There are multiple ways to contain your dog.  There are traditional above ground fences, which are generally wood or chain link. Fences are often expensive to build and block our views.  Some neighborhood HOA’s no longer allow above-ground fencing.  A great alternative is hidden underground fence systems.

Underground fence systems create a “safe zone” in your yard for your dog to roam free and play.  Your dog wears a special collar, which delivers a warning sound as your dog approaches the perimeter of his “safe zone” and then a harmless stimuli if he continues towards the boundaries of the hidden fence system.

There are many benefits to installing an underground dog fence system.  They are very affordable, installation is quick and easy.  There are systems designed for small dogs to large dogs, for one dog or several, for small yards up to 25 acres.

Underground fences are an effective way to contain your dog to your property when used properly. 

To help you decide which underground dog fence system is right for you and your dog, please give me a call today so that I can refer you to a dog fence expert. An installer that offers the best fence at a great price and where SERVICE Is the most important thing.

Wayne Booth
Canine Behavior Specialists




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